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  • Scott (Tuesday, April 13 21 04:57 pm BST)

    I’ve had a number of PT sessions with Cindy number and now fully committed to keeping going with weekly sessions and so have bought in bulk. I have previously been hesitant to work with PT trainers as I’m aware of how many fakes are out there, who lack the expertise in the field. The amount and diversity of exercises I’ve been able to complete during sessions whilst having quick breaks/stretches in between has made me realise how much time I’ve been wasting in the gym on my own for so many years. With a clear focus on technique and also protection from injury means that it’s clear that this is money well spent on my health and fitness. On a personal level Cindy is great at putting you at ease and have quickly built a great rapport. Because of all of these reasons I highly recommend her as a PT trainer and look forward to many more sessions where I expect to reach my goals without injury.

  • Janice Austin (Monday, February 22 21 02:13 pm GMT)

    I have been using Cindy for well over 2 years now on a weekly basis (weight training) and every session is a school day for me, always learning! Cindy's knowledge and expertise in her field is second to none she constantly keeps me motivated and focused. Cindy is the complete package and would totally recommend to anyone.

  • Frances (Friday, March 01 19 05:14 pm GMT)

    Cindy is an amazing trainer. After years of going to the gym I have finally learnt the true meaning of training. I am physically and mentally much stronger.

  • Will (Tuesday, May 15 18 08:39 am BST)

    Cindy really gave me the skills and understanding to improve my body through weights. She took the time to understand what I wanted to achieve and kept me focused throughout. You could assume it’s easy throw yourself into a gym but Cindy made me realise it really is all about technique and diet, without getting the basics correct you are almost wasting your time and energy.

  • Danielle Conroy (Thursday, May 10 18 01:08 pm BST)

    Cindy is amazing she pushes me to lenghts I did not even know I could do myself I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to change themselves physically and mentally her energy is fantastic and she's helping me achieve everything I want and need to achieve. 😁

  • Tetta (Saturday, April 22 17 10:38 am BST)

    Cindy is fabulous! She really motivates you and helps you to stay focused on your journey. It's never too much trouble to ask her any questions, even daft ones! I would highly recommend her to everyone. I'm so glad I found her. Thank you Cindy!

  • Derek & Anne (Monday, December 05 16 08:23 pm GMT)

    Cindy is fantastic, really excellent training to gain strength and stamina for playing tennis, a sport I play competitively. After receiving wonderful fitness and dietary advice, (and a lot of tennis!!) was able to improve my World Ranking from 737 in the world to 417!! So thank you Cindy for putting me on the road to success!!!! My partner managed to get a world ranking of 248!!! So if you are an individual or a couple, she will definitely help achieve whatever fitness goals you have!!

  • Kate (Thursday, July 21 16 10:59 am BST)

    If you are thinking about getting Cindy as your PT don't hesitate, just do it. For 2 years I have been s member of the gym and cannot drag myself there. Cindy turns up at my door and there is no
    getting out of it! I felt better after 4 sessions, fab after 2 months and really enjoying the sessions and the results.
    Just do it! Best money I ever spent

  • Jessica (Thursday, July 14 16 01:11 pm BST)

    prices for pt sessions, 3 x a week - immediate start

  • Ali (Thursday, May 19 16 09:35 am BST)

    Very focused, driven, supportive and makes you feel very at ease. Has helped me to change my mind set in my life in general which i really needed. Enjoy every session.

  • nick jones (Friday, May 06 16 04:24 pm BST)

    I would like to say a big congratulations to Cindy, this lady has trained me from the beginning and she has taught me really well,, the best personal trainer in the world, Cindy is always there t ok
    help and give you the advice that you need to become better and train in the right way

  • Hannah carter (Sunday, January 10 16 12:03 pm GMT)

    Absolutely lovely lovely lady, Cindy came into my home and made feel so at ease with what I was doing, it was my first time to train and she made things very simple and easy for me to understand,
    also felt really comfortable with her, Cindy really knows her stuff and would highly recommend.

  • Client name Hannah (Sunday, January 10 16 11:27 am GMT)

    When a year and half later a returning client wants YOU to train her and has such lovely words about you it really make you feel good
    "Hi Cindy [...] im gutted you have moved you were so good at what you did, thank you so much [...].
    Ah you should be proud you were very good and lovely to get along with too, oh lovely to hear your be back when you do get in contact and hopefully we can meet even just for a coffee, enjoy your
    babies thanks again Hannah xx
    glad things are really well for you, take care lovely xxx"

  • Brett (Sunday, February 22 15 04:12 pm GMT)

    You are such an amazing looking lady. Even in the body building competitions you manage to still look so feminine and beautiful as well as incredibly toned.

  • Brett (Sunday, February 22 15 04:10 pm GMT)

    Cindy is the most amazing looking lady. Even in the body building tournaments she manages to still look feminine and soooo beautiful!

  • Leyla (Tuesday, December 23 14 10:39 pm GMT)

    Very good PT and dedicated to your PT. She always makes you feel special. With a little gentle push when you feel you can't go on. You always feel like a friend rather than a PT. Thanks for your help
    in my struggles.

  • Carl (Monday, December 22 14 02:56 pm GMT)

    Thank you Cindy for pushing me and showing me how to be healthier! You were fantastic :)

  • adam mccombe (Thursday, June 19 14 03:18 pm BST)

    A very professional an a great trainer take great care an time in everything thing she does thanks cindy

  • Richard E. Norton (Friday, September 27 13 03:21 pm BST)

    A very strong, gorgeous, young woman. You are amazing.

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